Our dewatering technology DeepC, yields a significant reduction in the generator size required to run any given bore pump.

This generator size reduction thus presents a reduction in energy usage, significant cost savings and environmental benefits for dewatering activities. DeepC can reduce the operating cost of a generator based pump system by up to 50%. It can be mounted to a trailer, skid or fixed mounting. It is designed to operate in extremely harsh environments and includes purpose designed MCC’s incorporating exclusive DeepC technology.

DeepC is also cost effective against VFD systems when a reduction in flow rate is required. The technology monitors the line voltage, frequency and phase symmetry of the incoming power supply to enable a motor to change from an inverter motor start, to Direct On Line (DOL). It can also be implemented to change from DOL back to inverter control for soft stop. It utilises a unique combination of starter equipment to ensure starting currents are never more than the motor full load current.