Nix Engineering Group offer a supply service of Wellmaster products as well as wear liners and products by Australian Polyurethane Solutions


Wellmaster is the Industry Standard Flexible Rising Main for all types of ground water extraction and well monitoring operations. A low-cost flexible lay flat riser designed for use with submersible pumps in groundwater borehole extraction. Offers major cost savings and performance advantages over conventional rigid polyethylene, PVC, glass fibre and galvanised pipe. Wellmaster is manufactured from high tenacity synthetic yarns, circular woven and totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane lining and cover. The riser has an integral textile reinforced rib for location of the power cable strapping system.

Wellmaster 250

  • 250m total working head Tensile strengths to 20 tonnes 200m single lengths
  • World-wide potable water approval
  • High safety margins in both tensile and hydraulic performance
  • Total corrosion, microbiological and internal scaling resistance
  • Compatible with all types of submersible pumps
  • Long operational life with a 5-year warranty
  • A wide range of couplings, manifolds and hardware are available for connecting the pipelines to auxiliary

Nix Engineering Group has many years of experience and expertise working with Wellmaster Hose and associated Angus products. Our highly trained team has the capability to provide before and after sales support on Wellmaster hose and products as well as installations.

Australian Polyurethane Solutions

Steel is probably still the most commonly used liner type, and also the area where Polyurethane is making the greatest in-roads as a preferred replacement liner type. A decade ago, clients were mostly comparing replacement liners only on a cost and life expectancy basis. Polyurethane (PU) is fast changing this mind set, based on the fact that PU is six (6) times lighter than steel, and still offering better or at least comparable performance; and simultaneously offering significant health and safety benefits. As legislation has changed in most countries in terms of the maximum handle able mass that a person may lift, PU is offering flexibility in terms of liners size. This is similar to the constraints placed by airlines onto passengers all over the world in terms of allowable baggage size and weight. In terms of liner replacement into mining equipment, this has either limited the size of steel liners, or necessitated the requirement for mechanical lifting equipment to place liners into position, this in both instances increasing maintenance down time. Weight reduction also implies increased productivity and reduced associated mechanical maintenance cost when applied correctly in moving equipment, for example: Dumper Truck bin weight is reduced significantly thereby either reducing mechanical maintenance cost or alternatively allowing increased payload

Wear Liners

Wear liners, ceramic liners, domite bars and bolt assemblies. Profiling of wear plate and block, nihard liners and billets for fish tail, hex bolts and other configurations also available.